Catalytic Converter Theft – Ohio

Like most states, Ohio, has seen an increase in catalytic converter theft over the past few years. If you have been a victim of catalytic converter theft you know how inconvenient it is both in terms of time and in the wallet. According to, the average cost of a catalytic converter repair is between $945 and $2475 including parts and labor.

Catalytic converter theft in Ohio

Catalytic converter theft can happen anywhere, however, here are just a few examples of catalytic converter theft in Ohio’s major cities:


A brief history of Akron man’s effort to stop the theft of his catalytic converter – Akron Beacon Journal
Akron car dealership catches catalytic converter thief on camera – 19 News Cleveland
Catalytic converters stolen from facility used by Akron police – Akron Beacon Journal
Dozens of catalytic converters stolen across Akron in one week – Fox 8 News Cleveland
Catalytic converters stolen from disability buses, other vehicles in a rash of similar Akron crimes – ABC News 5
Akron police arrest man suspected of stealing catalytic converters – 19 News Cleveland


Catalytic converter thefts skyrocketing in Canton region –


Woman’s catalytic converter stolen from mall parking lot – Local 12
Serial catalytic converter thief caught in the act at West Side Kroger, police say – Fox 19 Cincinnati
Catalytic converter theft becoming a major problem – ABC 9 Cincinnati
Catalytic converters stolen from daycare buses in Butler County – ABC 8 Cincinnati
Liberty Township daycare searching for suspects who stole catalytic converters –
Uptick in catalytic converter thefts in Hamilton leads to tightened recycling requirements – Journal News


Cleveland catalytic converter thief caught on camera – 19 News
Westlake officers nab 2 suspects wanted for multiple catalytic converter thefts – 19 News
Man reports catalytic converter stolen day after it is repaired at a garage – 19 News – Police Blotter
Catalytic converters stolen from 35 Cleveland school buses –


Columbus Ohio, like many cities across the United States, has a high incident rate when it comes to catalytic converter theft.

Where is the best place to get your catalytic converter replaced in Columbus, Ohio?

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‘It’s gotten real bad;’ Catalytic converter thefts on the rise across the region – WHIO-TV
Montgomery County law enforcement agencies noticing increase in catalytic converter thefts – WHIO-TV
Catalytic converter thefts surge in Greene County – WDTB-2 News


AAA reports catalytic converter thefts on the rise, MPD offers advice, safety tips – Marion Star


Homeless man with saw attempts to steal catalytic converter – Police Blotter
Catalytic converter thief hits rental company – Police Blotter


Suspect caught on surveillance video steal a catalytic converter – ABC 13
‘It’s quick, easy money’: Catalytic converter thieves keep pedal to the metal – ABC 13
Toledo police see rise in catalytic converter thefts – NBC 24
Toledo Police arrest man for catalytic converter theft – WTOL 11
Two charged with attempted theft of catalytic converter – Toledo Blade


Youngstown police investigate catalytic converter thefts – 21 WFMJ

Frequently Asked Questions

What charge is stealing a catalytic converter in Ohio?

It is a fourth-degree misdemeanor, with up to a $1,000 fine and as much as a year in jail for each device involved. House Bill 408, which is currently going through the committee process could impact this soon.

Is selling catalytic converters illegal in Ohio?

No. But selling stolen catalytic converters obviously is.

Is it legal to install a straight pipe in Ohio?

No. According to Ohio’s Vehicle Anti-Tampering Law (Revised Code section 3704.16) it is illegal or sell, lease, rent or operate a vehicle in a tampered condition.

Tampering is defined as “permanently removing, bypassing, defeating, or rendering inoperative, in whole or in part, any emissions control system, that is installed on any motor vehicle.” This may include modifications such as removing the catalytic converter and installing a straight pipe, as well as cleaning out a catalytic converter to remove the precious metals inside. For more information check out the Ohio EPA’s Anti-Tampering Law Fact Sheet – What Auto Dealers Should Know, or for more.

What is the state of Ohio doing to prevent catalytic converter theft?

Ohio already has several laws on the books that address theft and tampering.

On 9-2-2021, Representative Bob Young, introduced House Bill 408 which makes it illegal to sell a catalytic converter without proof of ownership. The goal is to make it harder for thieves to sell stolen converters since sales to scrap yards and metal recycling plants will need to be tracked. Currently, the bill is in committee and we will update you on it’s status as soon as we have more information.