As retired and former law enforcement officers, we have seen firsthand the impact crime has on people’s lives. Crime can shake us to our core.

Nothing is worse than working hard for something only to have it taken away by thieves. That feeling you get when you go out to your car and first see that broken window. It is a punch to the gut no matter what.

And it is getting worse, not better. This is why we created

Who are we?

Jason D.
Retired Police Officer
Managing Partner

When I was a law enforcement officer, my fellow officers and I did our best to prevent crime before it happened. But it wasn’t possible to be everywhere at once. We found ourselves going from call to call so much that we didn’t have enough time to focus on prevention as much as we would have liked. And to make matters worse, most agencies don’t have the budget to put more officers on the road, let alone fund prevention programs for the community.

Let’s be honest, most of the money spent on prevention programs is going towards superficial things (like distributing posters and pamphlets) that are mostly filled with things that are common sense anyway. There are some good programs out there, but most just give the appearance of warm fuzzies that makes the public feel like we are doing something. Nope, we are too busy being reactive.

I aim to stay busy during retirement and help as many people as possible prevent theft. And with your help, together we can.

Steve C.
Former Police Officer
Managing Partner


I have a decade of experience in loss prevention, risk management, and fraud prevention. I was a police officer for a local police department in the ’90s and spent 8 years in the US Army. In the early 2000’s, I transitioned my career to technology and application development. For the past few years, I have specialized in Tech Education and web content development space building sites that provide useful information that helps people.

I run the day-to-day operations with Jason and manage the content on the site from a technical standpoint. Jason is the expert while I do my best to make everything run smoothly.

Thanks for being here!